Winners of the Innovar Contest 2007 -


A rounded base easy chair. Just see the photo. Pleasant easy chair
Diego Battista

Stackable wheel chair

The wheels are covered with a special rubber that does not stain. Silent. Comfortable. stackable wheel chair
Guillermo Andrés Xarrier

Edible plant that grows on Sea Water, produces leaner lambs

This looks like the solution for many sea side communities with scarce drinking water. The plant is called Salicornia.The lambs had 50% less colesterol when fed with salicornia, pointing to an original, cheap and abundant natural resource. salicornia
Oscar Alberto Bianciotto

Self-illuminating bedside table

The title and photo say it all. LEDs are used for low energy spend and long duration. Nice light effect in the room. Find anything in the table.

Urban bike

Foldable, light weight, easy to fold and unfold foldable bike  

4 tools for echalotte onion culture

A set of four tools that facilitate the culture: planter, scrapper, collector clamp and stalk cutter clamp. Designed to work without leaning down and without unnecessary human strength. echalotte culture tools
Cristian Hernán García

Laser Equipment for Measurement of Dirt

This equipment has a method for measuring the total dirt of any type of surface, utilizing laser ablation and acoustic detection. It has been installed and tried in the Ensenada plant of of the Siderar company. The application has multiple uses in the metalllurgic industry. dust detection
Gabriel Bilmes

Intelligent micro valve for glaucoma

Aimed at the relief and treatment of the high intraocular pressure that leads to blindness.
glaucoma valve
Fabio Ariel Guarnieri


Liquid stabilized nanosilica, at nanometric scale, for cementation of oil wells. Pangea - additive for oil wells
Roberto Nicolás Novoa

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Customized Ink with chemical tracers that allow precise identification of signatures. See
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