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Our company specializes in SEO for software producers, programmers or sellers.

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Is SEO the same for different products?

We consider that SEO has become very specialized, and it makes sense for us to specialize in software promotion. One thing, specialized directories, is subject-specific, and being listed in directories is very important to obtain quality links.

We also developed a number of specialized techniques that help your software to get listed in not only directories, but also software resellers, specialized forums, social networks and niche websites.

Viral marketing for Software e-marketing and SEO

There are a few viral marketing tactics that can help your software to get listed, promoted and sold in a number of sites and channels. For instance, when we released our page generator product, we included links to our clients in the pages generated by the freeware version of the software. In that way, every user that downloaded our product and used it for free contributed to promote it with their own websites, indexation efforts and servers. That costed us next to nothing, yet yielded a strong response from the user community.

Standard vs. Custom campaign

We offer standard campaigns, similar for every product. All the basic SEO techniques are used here, like optimal keyword density, spider friendlyness, site structure and appropriate metatags. See a SEO calculator to have an idea of cost.

Custom campaigns add our creativity to device optimal strategies in favour of your unique software. Ask us about them.

Software-specialized SEO

We call software-specialized SEO to those SEO techniques that are uniquely applied to software products. Among them, the release of promotion versions (freeware, shareware, open source, other), the listing in specialized directories or reseller markets, affiliate programs, viral marketing and others.


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