Search Engine Positioning Index (SEPI)

Keyword-independent, multi-domain, aditive, SE Positioning Index

A way to measure SEO Performance, the global positioning value of a domain, or SE Positioning in general.

SEPI: Total pages / (Position 2 * Phrase Length)

SEPI Calculator - How to measure the results of a SEO campaign


Is it best to be 5th among 100,000 or 1st among 10,000?

Are two keywords ranked 5th among 100,000 and 4th among 200,000 better than one 1th among 20,000?

The SEPI index solves those issues.

Google SERP # refers to the position your site gets on Google, under a common search string. Google Results is the total amount of pages reported in the search. For instance, if your search terms are: Domain Development Tools and your site is this one,, you will fill 1 and 107,000,000 in the first row. Add up to 10 search strings.

The SEP (search Engine Positioning) Index is our estimate of the value of any well ranked page. The higher the rank, the higher the SEP. But a high rank is only valuable if there are many pages under that search, which reflects the interest of the public for that specific keyword phrase. Thus, being first among 20 million is really important, while being 100th is close to nothing. For that reason, we use an exponential of the ranking value.

Positioning a site in first place among millions can be very easy if the competing sites are unprofessional. For that reason, we include the PageRank of the 10th site in the calculation. To measure PageRank, use the Google tool bar or go to this site.

Using SEPI to establish Domain value

A developed domain is valuable when:

- there are lots of searches under its keywords

- the domain is well ranked. Use SEPI to establish the Positioning Value under different keywords.

- there are things to be sold within its specific field

For a longer discussion on domain and site appraisal, go to Appraisals

For more on Keyword Research, see MetatagThief

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